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TreeChain Network – The Blockchain & IoT Platform for planting & connecting 1.500 billion trees.

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TreeChain Network is a global project established in December 2017 in Australia. The mission of TreeChain Network is to: Protect the condition of the primary forest system, Develop a tree network throughout the Earth & Create a balance ecosystem between humankind and nature.

By 2030, the TreeChain Network will plant 11 billion new trees, and digitizing more than 1,500 billion trees globally (10% of trees on Earth) . We’’ll complete & improve the global tree maps(TreeChain Maps) & maximizing commercial opportunities to create a balance benefit system between The Earth & Humankind. The different between Treechain Network and other organisation is the strategy of combining and balancing volunteer movements with social investment resources (finance, technology, real estate, tourism) to achieve a shared long-term vision. Any individual or organization participates in the TreeChain Network will be able to enjoy the physical and mental benefits. Those will contribute to the sustainable development of the TreeChain Network.


TreeChain Network – TCN’s mission is to Protect the of the primary forest system, develop a tree network and balance ecosystem between humankind and nature.

To protect the forest & tree network on Earth

Zoning & planting through Treechain Networks’s projetcs

Connect & optimize Treechain Network through Nano Chip & Platform system

Create a balanced ecosystem of interests between human & Treechain Network

Tree Maps
Complete & Upgrade the Global Tree Map






Chief Architect, Founder and Chairman of Treechain Network

Harry Vu is Senior Expert within the business strategy, business management, business sales and marketing and financial services industry.

Before founding Treechain Network, Harry was at with Senior Solution Director position for some Operators, Distributors and Vendors in Information Technology, Network and Telecommunication fields; CIO, COO position; and Vice President of Human Resource, Sales, Marketing and a member of the management team at DaiViet Beer, the FMCG field. He has a BA from the University of Nature Science and an MBA from National University.

He is programming the life tree as: BE –> DO –> HAVE for himself and for his organisation at KNGlobal, SmartShip, Social Media, Social HRD, Social Training, FIR Ventures, FIS Global and so on.

He want to sent LOVE to everyone and for the whole world.


Co-Founder, Vice Chairwoman and CFO of Treechain Network

As a successful businesswoman, an environmentalist, an investor, an art collector, Mrs. Nguyen Thi Kim Duc has created a lot of value for the community and society. With TreeChainNetwork, Mrs. Duc has contributed a lot of resources to help the project become a hope for the future. Besides business, social activities Mrs. Duc also loves painting. Her “Cover of Future” painting on the topic of environmental protection has been highly appreciated by world leaders and Buddhist leaders and reported by world press agencies.
Mrs. Duc was honored by the Prime Minister and the government awarded many titles and awards for social activities and environmental protection.


David Ta

Co-Founder, Vice Chairman and CSO of Treechain Network

Building TreeChain Network blockchain platform aiming for transforming sharing economy models from centralized to decentralized structure.
Established SBCorp.,JSC aiming for the realization of the Social Business operating system into a Startup Social Business network (SocialBiz), creating hundreds of thousands of SocialCEO, effectively solving the problem of unemployment, goods circulation and market confidence.


Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer

10 years of experience in branding, media, online advertising, marketing & PR. Investors, shareholders of more than 30 StartUp projects in many fields. Founder of the Vlogplus community (Vlog +), predecessor of Vlogplus social network with over 300,000 members. In 09.2014, he founded & operated Suki Inc, an agency specializing in Private consulting, Strategy development & Technology development. More than 250 enterprises and organizations and more than 100 individuals have become customers of this project.


Co-Founder, Executive Coordinator Worldwide

Master of Sociology; ex-President of Viet Nam Volunteer Center, the biggest National Voluntarity Center in South East Asia. Ex Vice President of The Vietnam Youth Federation (VYF). Lee Vu has nearly 20 years of experience in voluntarity, community development and operate global volunteer campaigns with partners such as
UNWOMEN, UNESCO, UNDP, GOOD DEED DAY as well as other volunteer organizations in the world, especially IAVE, the world’s largest volunteer organization (founded in 1970, IAVE exists to promote, strengthen and celebrate volunteering in the myriad ways it happens throughout the world. It is a global network of NGOs, businesses, national volunteer centers and grassroots leaders of volunteering, with members in 70 countries across all the regions of the world)


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