TreeMap Version 1.0

TreeChain Map is a high-tech digital map developed by the TreeChain Network and the building based on the blockchain technology platform, IoT, AI, Bigdata. TreeChain Map is one of the most important products belong into the TreeChain Network project with the desired positioning of 1.500 billion green creating a network of “online trees”.


TreeChain Map is a digital tree map that can provide addressing and all indicators attached to each tree body such as: planting days, age crops, crop varieties and owners,… As expected, the first TreeChain Map would debut in 2020 with 100 million new crops.

TreeChain Network claims to launch the first treemap in 2020

TreeChain Map is expected to be launched first in 2020 based on the system 100 million of the first new crop of the project.

TreeChain Map is built based on data warehouses by the biochip gathering and updating the system of TreeChain Network through the Platform. Biochip is nano bio, having a full-compatibility biological structure with trees. Biochip has attached to each tree aquarium before planting, TreeChain Network saves the entire index, the location of the tree and takes on general data warehouses thanks to the blockchain technology application.

Through this biochip system, TreeChain Network will transcribe data on crops after putting data on trees into application management for the user, using the associated positioning feature that collects parallel information from the data files of the body , then re-pins the tree position on the map and replenish the plant information.



For the application of the blockchain technology, all information about each tree can be changed and updated continuously to help TreeChain Map achieve the highest standards. All information relating to the tree can not be changed, cannot be stolen or tampered with.

It is not a simple map that only TreeChain Map will help members looking for the whole plant position in the project, moreover, Treechain Map can help users find their way to the plant location if needed. With the TreeChain maps, the whole plant in the project will be linked together into a network of plants.

Here, members can refer to information about the varieties of trees, plants planted by other members as well as how to contact the owner of the tree for discussion needs and exchange of benefits enjoyed from crops together. It is possible to say, not merely a map of the project’s tree positioning, TreeChain Map also creates a map of participating members, helping the TreeChain community be able to track the project’s global green coating process.

TreeChain Map needs you

In the next two years, the TreeChain Network will continue to study and publish the first TreeChain Map in 2020, with an estimated 100 million crops belong to the project.

The aim of TreeChain in 2030 is digitalize to 1.500 billion trees on the global. In order to achieve a goal to progress, we need more than your support by contributing to the planting project here:


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