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At present, schools in Tay Nguyen, Vietnam are very poor, lacking material from trees to school equipment. The number of students in school is low and often dropped out of school. TreeChain Network needs the help of the community to overcome this situation in here..

Development of 50 Green School models in Tay Nguyen, Viet Nam


Currently, the Central Highlands has a total of 2000 schools divided into 3 levels: primary, secondary and high schools. However, the number of children attending school is still very low. Children tend to drop out of school to work very early due to the enticement of recruiting agents, private employers. In addition, children who continue to attend school often find it difficult to go to school because of the distance, the road to school difficult and often have to miss school during the flood season, flooding.

How it works?

To solve the above problems, Treechain Network proposed to:

⬥ Develop 50 Green School models in Tay Nguyen, making use of vacant land in the school and around the school, planting high value industrial crops such as cotton, cashew, coffee and so on, forming a closed industrial zone.

⬥ Children can study after school to work depending on their age and ability to work to increase income for the family.

⬥ The products will be purchased by companies, manufacturing and processing companies to market and pay for students. The school will also be expanded, creating a dormitory for students to enjoy daily living. Funds for study-work-leisure will be appropriately allocated according to their age and needs to ensure that students do not drop out of school or work because they can not attend school. Covering the plants around the school will also help minimize the damage caused by rainstorms, floods and minimize school dropouts due to the nature of the students.


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