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TreeChain Network – The Blockchain & IoT Platform for planting & connecting 1.500 billion trees. English version  |  Chinese version TreeChain Network is a global project established in December 2017 in Australia. The mission of TreeChain Network is to: Protect the condition of the primary forest system, Develop a tree network throughout the Earth & […]

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To protect the forest & tree network on Earth

Zoning & planting through Treechain Networks’s projetcs

Connect & optimize Treechain Network through Nano Chip & Platform system

Create a balanced ecosystem of interests between human & Treechain Network

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Complete & Upgrade the Global Tree Map


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People like you do amazing things on TreeChain!

Very good ,lets plant the trees back and clean our air ,when we plant the trees back the rains will come back again and that will help fix the hole in our ozone layer

Lewis Grant

I love this mission! If every corporation will have these kind of missions, we will have our planet a better place to live

Liuda Kuchuberia

Thanks to these trees. We enjoy the life: because It’s not only Money & Earth to living…

Strcto Xoyatla Malva

Plant more and more trees , and make the planet green again , it will help a lot about our problems of global warmings , and STOP cutting trees , this is the real causes of the floods ! people are too destructive !! please LOVE our Earth and continues the tree planting !

Lualhati Garcia

Your story starts here

Our orphanage was built on a barren land, lacking trees, so far from the city. Children here lack the necessary conditions to develop both physically and mentally. We hope you will plant trees at our orphanage. Kids will learn how to love the environment and we believe they will inherit you, protect our planet.

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